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English-practice Set -Idioms-For SSC

English-practice Set -Idioms-For SSC

Hello Friends, Here we are providing question sample in idioms, which
is based on All Competitive Exams.


Directions-In the following questions , find out from the given options, meaning of the following idioms : –

1)An axe to grind
a)difficult job b)hard labour c)punishment c)private ends to serve
2)A hard nut to crack
a)difficult things require extra effort b) a difficult problem to solve c) a difficult problem
Solved effortlessly d) None of these
3)A white elephant
a)an elephant with white skin b) a costly thing c)a costly & useful things d) None of these
4)A far cry
a)a disadvantageous thing b)an unfounded claim c) a long way off d) None of these
5)A snake in the grass
a)A hidden enemy b)unforeseen happening c) unrecognizable danger d) None of these

6)The alpha & omega
a)The ABC of b) beginning & end c) A beautiful object d) None of these
7)BY leaps & bounds
a)slowly b) rapidly c) crawly d)None of these
8)Come on the scene
a)to departure b) to leave c) to fail d) to arrive
9)Cut & Thrust
a)fierce competition b)less competition c)to fail d) to be unsuccessful
10)Come to the rest
a)to start walking b) to stop moving c)to be discovered d) to arrive

11)A vexed question
a)an important question b)a controversial c)meaningless question d) None of these
12)A lady’s man
a)a lover of woman’s company b)riding dress of a lady c) a hater of woman’s company d) None of these
13)A man in the street
a)a sophisticated person b) a versatile person c) an ordinary person d)a liberal person
14)A beauty sleep
a)to sleep in morning b) to sleep before midnight c) to sleep in afternoon d) None of these
15)A man of means
a) reliable person b) a rich person c)an important person d) an ordinary person

16)A bag of bones
a)a very thin person b) a very fat person c) an important person d) a stupid person
17)A man of straw
a)an unreasonable person b) a man of no substance c) a very active person d) a worthy fellow
18)A wet blanket
a)A man who is always drunk b) a wife who is cold to her husband c)to wear black & white
Clothes d) None of these
19)A pipe dream
a)a bad dream b) a pleasant dream c) an impracticable plan d)a foolish idea
20)Above board
a)friendly b) able to face difficulties c) honestly d)hard working


1.b) 2.b 3.b) 4.c) 5.c)
6.b) 7.b) 8.d) 9.a) 10.b)
11.b) 12.a) 13.c) 14.b) 15.b)
16.a) 17.b) 18.d) 19.c) 20.c)

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