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English-Error Spotting Practice Set-For Bank/Insurance ( New pattern)

English-Error Spotting Practice Set-For Bank/Insurance ( New pattern)

Hello Friends, Here we are providing question sample in Spotting Errors, which is based on Banking Exams.

ENGLISH- Error  Spotting  Practice- Set-9

DIRECTIONS (1-5) -Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is “No error”, the answer is (E)
1)Harsh Vardhan said he was looking forward (A)/ to serve his roots, as he had spend (B)/ the first 15 years of is life (C)/in the street of old Delhi (D)/No Error (E)
2)A family office has to (A)/execute all task related to (B) manage the wealth of (C)/ the upper-rich family (D)/No Error (E)
3)Service providers in the financial industry, specially private banks (A)/ and wealth management firms, are increasingly (B)/forced to standardize their (C)/products to optimize proof it. (D)/No Error (E)
4)Social or impact funds are private equity -like funds (A)/ that pool money from investors (B)/ and put it to work in a portfolio of ventures (C)/ that meet the funds’ objective .(D)/No Error
5)While residential land purchases (A)/have benefited many investors (B)/ buying land can be risky, (C)/especially for a NRI (D)/No Error.

DIRECTIONS (6-10)-In the following questions, two sentence are given .There may be an error in the sentence (s).Red the given options carefully and mark the correct answer.
A)If there is an error only in the first sentence
B)If there is an error only in the second sentence
C)If there are errors in both sentences
D)If there is no error in either of the sentences
E)None of the above condition is applicable
I)wise men follow nobel ideas whereas fools disregard the.
II)The navel officers successfully fought the pirates who had looted and plundered for many years
I)He acted not as per my advice but somebody else.
II)The chairs in the room are in a state of disarray
I)Ashoka the Great was regarded one of the greatest emperors the world was ever produced.
II)Will you please give me little milk for my cat ?
I)The light bulbs in the hall need to be changed
II)A recent survey indicates that the number of drug addicts grew day by day
I)I want to exchange my Maruti for a Santro
II) There was extensive lawn in front of the bungalow.

1.B) Look forward to is followed by a gerund. More,over in past perfect, Past participle should be used
Hence, to serving his ………………
2.C)Here, the management (Noun) of wealth of ……should be used
3.A)Her, The should be used before service providers as preposition “in” follows it and makes it definite
Hence, The service providers…………….
4.D)Singular Collective Noun + of + Plural Noun + Singular verb
Hence that meets the fund’s objective …..should be used….
5.D) Look ⟹ an M.L.A /an H.M
Hence , especially for an An NRI should be used here.

I)Noble (Adjective) = very impressive in size or quality
Example of sentence- He died for a noble cause
Hence, wise men follow noble ………..should be used here

II)Navel (Noun)/Naval ( Adjective)
Hence, The naval officers…should be used here.
I)Structure of the sentence in past Indefinite
Subject +didn’t +Verb
Hence, he did not act …………….should be used here
II)No error

I)Look at the example :-
Capital punishment was regarded as inhuman and immoral .
She is widely regarded as the current leader’s natural successor.
Hence , regarded as one of … should be used here
****Ashoka, the great is ….. will be a better usage.
II)A little – used with uncountable nouns to mean “a small amount”
Hence, give me a little milk ….. should be used here.

1)No error
II)The sentence shows present time.
Hence , present progressive i.e is growing day by day ……should be used ere


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