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Physics – Objective questions –Light

Physics – Objective questions –Light


Dear Readers,
We are presenting Physics Questions for upcoming  Rail/Postal/SSC Exams. We will more questions in forthcoming posts.

GK-Study Mate-  Light –  Set -3

 Questions  Answer
The star twinkle at night because Refraction
The sun is visible to us a little before the actual sun rise and after the actual sunset . This is because of Refraction
The principle of working of periscope based on Refraction & Reflection
The blue colour of the sky can be attributed to Scattering of sunlight by the atompshphere
A fog consist of find drops of water, we cannot see clearly through it because The drops scatter most of the light
What is the observation of multiple colours in thin films of oil floating on the surface of water due to / Interference of light
When a thin film of oil is spread over water at rest, coloured bands are observed. This is the result of the phenomenon of interference
Glittering of diamond is because of Total internal reflection
Mirage is observed in a desert due to the phenomenon of Total reflection
Formation of Rainbow is because of Dispersion of light
Total internal reflection can occur when light tend to pass from A denser to a rarer medium
Which colours has longest wavelength a)Green b) yellow c)blue d)red

ans- Red

Ciritcal angle of light passing from glass to water is minimum for Violet colour
For an astronaut in a space ship ,the sky appears Black
The wavelength of the light of violet colour is .4 micron
Which mirror can be used to focus sun light ? Concave mirror
Real images are created by a Concave mirror & convex lens
The focal length of a plane mirror is Infinity
Defect of hypermetropia can be remedied by the use of Convex lens
An air bubble inside water behaves as a Concave lens
A convex lens is immersed in a liquid denser than glass . it will behave as a Convergent lens
A lens, immersed in a liquid , becomes invisible when The refractive index of the lens is equal to the refractive index of the liquid
How many images can man see if he stands between two plane mirrors inclined at an angle of 60˚ 5
A virtual image larger than the object can be formed  by a Concave mirror
Which type of mirror/lens produce a virtual image smaller in size than the object ? Convex mirror & concave lens
Which type of mirror /lens produce a virtual image longer in size than the object ? Concave mirror & convex lens
Which optical instruments produce a virtual image ? A simple magnifier
A stereoscopic camera produces an image which is Three dimensional in appearance
If half of the body of a lens is converted with black paper , the image produced by the lens will Have it intensity reduced to half
A person standing in front of mirror finds his image thinner but with normal height .The mirror in question is Concave & spherical
The image of an object formed by a device is always virtual & small . The device in question is a Concave lens
A boy is standing in front of plane mirror at a distance of 3 m from it .what is the distance between the boy and his image 6 m
An observer moves towards a plane mirror wit s speed of 2 m/sec. the speed of he images with respect to the observer is 4 m/sec
A plane mirror reflects a beam of light to form a real image . The incident beam is convergent
An object is placed between two parallel mirrors. The number of images formed is Infinity
A convex mirror is used to form an image or a real object . The image is Diminished I size,is erect, always lies between the pole & the focus
The nature of image formed by a plane mirror is Virtual & erect, same size of the object . laterally inverted
In the case of hypermetropia , the image of near object is formed… Behind the retina
If a concave mirror of focal length 10 cm is immersed in a water, its focal length will Be increased
A light wave travelling in a transparent homogenous medium enters another homogenous transparent medium of refractive index. The speed of light in the second medium Is less than in the first medium
In a healthy human eye, the focusing is done  by the Change in the convexity of the lens through cilliary muscles
Focal length of the eye –lens which enables us to see the object at varying distances, is controlled and changed by Ciliary muscles
The magnifying power of a telescope can be increased by Reducing the focal length of the eye-piece
A man cannot see an object distinctly at distance less than 1 m. He is suffering from Hypermetropia
Mypoia is due to Elongation of eye ball
Astigmatism for a human eye can be removed by using Cylindrical lens
The distance of distinct vision for a normal human eye is 25 cm
The milk looks white because of Reflects the incidence light
Velocity of light is maximum in Vacuum
The wavelength of visible light are between .4 micrometer to .7 micrometer
The amount of light reflected depends upon Natrure of materials of the object/the nature of the surface/ the smoothness of the surface
When ray of lights enters a glass slab from air  , its wavelength Decreases
The power of lens is 4 diopters at focal length is 25 cm
The focal length of a convex lens is 50 cm .its power is +2D


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