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Quantitative Aptitude-Tricks & Solutions-Time & Distance

Quantitative Aptitude-Tricks & Solutions-Time & Distance


Dear Readers, Topic Wise Aptitude questions for Competitive Exam was given here. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

Quantitative Aptitude.-Topic Wise Questions-Time & Distance – Set -2

1)A train whose speed is 40 m/sec crosses a bridge in 18 seconds. Another train which is 90 m shorter than the first train crosses the same bridge at the speed of 84 km/hr .Find the time taken by the second train to cross the bridge .
A)32 minutes
B)27 seconds
C)29 minutes
D)35 seconds
E)other than the given options
2)Two guns were fired from the same place at an interval of 15 minutes but a person in a train approaching the place hears the sound 13 minutes 30 seconds after the first .Find the speed of the train (in km/hr)supposing that the sound travel 330 mt/sec
3)The distance between two cities (M & N) is 569 km . A train from city M at 8 am travels towards city N at 53 km/hr . Another train starts from city N at 9 am and travels towards city M at 76 km/hr . At what time will the trains meet ?
A)12:30 pm
B)1 pm
C)2 :30 pm
D)1:30 pm
E)2 pm
4)Punit drove at a speed of 55 km/hr from home to a resort. Returning over the same route , he got stuck in traffic and took half an hour longer. Also ,he could drive only at the speed of 66 km/hr. How many kilometers did he drive each way ?
C)160 km
D)175 km
5)A passenger train that can run at the speed of 78 km/hr leaves the station 8 hours after a goods train leaves and overtakes it in 5 hours . What is the speed of the goodS train ?
A)30 KM/HR
B)40 KM/HR
C)32 KM/HR
D)36 KM/HR
E)None of these
6)Abhishek & his friends go for a morning walk in a circular park whose circumference is 725 m . They start from the same point & walk in opposite directions at 3.5 km/hr & 2.75 km/hr respectively . After how much time will they meet for the first time ?
A)9 minutes
B)6.96 minutes
C)8 minutes
D)5.96 minutes
E)None of these
7)Car M takes 5 hours to travel from point A to B . It would have taken 6 hours, if the same car had travelled the same distance at a speed which was 15 km/hr less than its original speed. What is the distance between points A & B ?
A)350 km
B)300 km
C)450 km
D)420 km
E)400 km
8)A,B & C start from the same place and travel in the same direction at the speed of 40 km , 50 km & 80 km/hr respectively .B starts two hours after A . If B & C overtake A at the same time, how many hours after A did C start ?
A)4 hrs
B)3 hrs
C)6 hrs
D)7 hrs
E)5 hrs
1.B-27 seconds)
Distance covered by the first train =18 x40=720 m
Total distance covered by the second train =720-90=630 m
So time taken by the second train to cross the bridge
630=84 *(5/18)=27 seconds
330 * 90=V * 810 (15 min-13 min30 sec)=90 sec 13 min 30 sec=810 sec
V=132 km/hr
(569-53)=(76+53) * T
T=4 hours
Hence they meet (9 am + 4 hours) = 1 pm
Let the distance of one side is X km
According to question
X=165 km

Let the speed of the good train is X km/hr
X * 8 = (78-X) * 5
X= 30 km/hr
725 = (3.50 + 2.75) *5/18 * T *60
T= 6.96 minutes.
7.C) check option
Distance covered by A in 2 hours = 2 * 40=80 km
Time taken by B in these 8 hours = 50 * 8= 400 km
Tie take by C to cover 400 km = 400/80=5 hours
It means that C starts 2+8-5=5 hours after A.

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