2018 IBPS PO Clerk English Practice Questions – Filler & Sentence connector

Dear Aspirants, 2018 IBPS PO Clerk English Practice Questions- Filler & Sentence connector was given here . It is important for your forthcoming exams.

Directions (1-5)In the following questions, each sentence has two blanks , indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1)The ----of human beings leads to overutilization of resources. They cut the trees and kill the animals creating ecological…… .
A)lust, parity
B)greed, imbalance
C)bounty, disparity
D)itch, balance
E)gluttony, instability

2)Ransomaware is often………..enough to scan your home network and infect other computer and even network storage drives, so it’s really important to make a backup on an external drive that you disconnect and…..safety somewhere.
A)cunning, kept
B)smart, keep
C)smart, keeping
D)stupid, put
E)clever, put

3)Food tech company Zomato might be searing in the still smoking embers of last week’s security breach, but the company is ….the tough corporate tight rope of transparency by expounding on how the unidentified ethical hacker …..its infrastructure to access a part of the company’s database.
A) walking , breached
B)clinging to , surpassed
C)falling , disabled
D)going , got to
E)going , breached

4)The collapse had little to do with the globalization of trade and …to do with reckless banks, the animal spirits of which were unleashed by Ronal Reagan’s deregulation and free –market……. .
A)very little, trade
B)completely, booking
C)everything, obsession
D)nothing, integration
E)None of the above

5)The Bianconeri claimed a record sixth …….Scudetto when they saw off Crotone to land the second part of a potential treble, ahead of next weekend’s Champions League final …..Real Madrid.
A)consecutive, against
B)simultaneous, for
C)ongoing, at
D)prior, in
E)None of the above.

Directions (6-7)Choose ONE word to be fitted in both the sentence I and II and another word that sits for sentence III

I)If negotiations are to prove fruitful, there must not only be sincerely on each side, but there must also be …..in the sincerity of the other side.
II)There were bound t o be times when she disagreed, but she had to have enough in him to let him make the decision.
III)Because the House has the votes to override a presidential veto, the President has no choice but to ………………

A)Belief, object
B)Substance, abdicate
C)Certainty, abstain
D)Considered, capitulate
E)Faith, compromise

I)In a changing and ………..unstructured business environment, creativity and innovation are being increasingly demanded of executives.
II)Since the Age print Centre has been in full production , certain milestones have been….achieved.
III)His novels are.....; he uses a long circumlocution when a direct coupling of a simple subject and verb would be best.

A)Progressively, prolix
B)Excessively, pedestrian
C)Moderately, succinct
D)Extremely, vapid
E)Rapidly, risqué

Directions (8-9) In each of the following questions, three sentences I,II and III are followed by three starters. You have to decide which of the starters will present all the sentences in a sythesised way without changing the meaning of the sentences.

I)A study on the cost of air pollution was co-authored by the world Bank two years ago.
II)it found that the country lost 1.4 million lives due to such contamination in 2013
III)i shaved off a massive 8.5 % of the GDP

a)Two years ago , a study …………
b)If two years ago that………….
c)it was two years ago when………….

A)Only a
B)only b
C)Only a & b
D)Only a & c
E)None of these

I)Jawaharlal Nehru decided to join the Commonwealth after independence.
II)Voices on the left, right and centre expressed deep discomfort.
III)They saw it as a needless affiliation with the former colonial power.

a)if that Jawaharlal Nehru………….
b) when Jawaharlal Nehru………….
c) whether that Jawaharlal Nehru …………..

A)Only a
B)Only b
C)Only a & b
D)Only b & c
E)All three a, b & c

2018 IBPS PO Clerk English Practice Questions- Filler & Sentence connector: Ans

Greed –intense & selfish
Smart-clever, sharp
Stupid-foolish, intelligent, mindless
Walk a tightrope- to do something carefully
Breach-break, violate
Faith-trust, belief
Compromise-come to terms
Prolix-tediously lengthy

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