Spotting English Error Correction practice Questions-Set 45

Dear Aspirants, Here we are providing Spotting English Error Correction practice Questions-Set 45 for all exams . It is important for your forthcoming exam.

General English – Spotting English Error Correction practice Questions -Set 45 with Answers

Directions (1-10) Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence . Select the part with the error as your answer. If there is no error , your answer is (E)i.e No error.

1)The transit system’s underground (A)/tunnels and stations will (B)/be constructed (C)/next heritage structures. (D)No error (E)

2)Residents have been planting (A)/the ornamental trees outside (B)/ their homes and in lawns to (C)/add beauty and give their place a grand look. (D)No error (E)

3)A diamond jewellers’s peon (A) tipped off a gang (B)/about the gold (C)/in his employer’s vault. (D)No error (E)

4)He said that the performance of the Indian team (A)/ was satisfactory at the international meet (B)/and that they learnt a lot from (C)/ watching top seeded players through action at the grand slam . (D)No error (E)

5) Watching the exponential (A)/talent of world tennis (B)/ was the best things (C)/to happens to him. (D)No error (E)

6)The meeting took place a day after (A)/the agency held a meeting with project contractors (B)/to evaluate steps that being taken to (C)/ensure that the building were not affected . (D)No error (E)

7)The director explained (A)/the theme and (B)/the concept of (C)/the international folk festival. (D)No error (E)

8)The fight among (A)/rival candidates between the medium (B)/of catchy slogans (C)/has started. . (D)No error (E)

9)Acting on a tip-off (A)/the anti-robbery squad led (B)/by inspectors laid (C)/a trap for the robbers. (D)No error (E)

10)The process of (A)/revising figures of damage (B)/to get additional compensation (C)/has began. (D)No error (E)


Spotting English Error Correction practice Questions-Set 45 with answers & Explanations

1.D) Use ‘near’ in place of ‘next’
2.A)use ‘have planted’ in place of ‘have been planting’
4.D)use ‘in ‘ in place of ‘through’
5.C)use ‘thing’ in place of ‘things”
6.C)use “were” before “being”
8.B)use ‘through” in place of “between”
10.D)Use ‘begun” in place of ‘began”

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