Spotting English Error Correction practice Questions Set-47

Dear Aspirants, Here we are providing Spotting English Error Correction practice Questions Set-47 for all exams. It is important for your forthcoming exam.

General English-Spotting English Error Correction practice Questions Set-47 with Answers

DIRECTIONS (1-10) -Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is “No error”, the answer is (E)

1) The impressed crowd (A)/applauded Ginaji’s ability (B)/to solved any problems (C)/with in minutes (D)/ No Error (E)

2) A Businessman was stood (A)/ at the pier of a small coastal village (B)/when a small boat with just (C)/one fisherman arrived (D)/No Error (E)

3) All the participants were (A)/shocked to hear the criterion (B)/for the competition and looked (C)/at each other in amazement (D)/ No Error (E)

4) After conducting an asset quality review, (A)/RBI provided a list of companies to the lenders (B)/and direct it to treat their loans (C)to these companies as non-performing assets. (D)/No Error (E)

5) Despite the unseasonal rainfall, the agriculture sector is expected (A)/to pick up in the fourth quarter (B)on the back of better rate production of wheat, oilseeds (C)/and pulses which will keep up GDP growth high (D)/No Error (E)

6) Connectivity through mobile phones has (A)/successfully strengthen access (B)/to banking and other financial services (C))/across the country (D)/No Error (E)

7) Our football team (A)/comprises of (B)/eleven skilled (C)/players. (D)/No error (E)

8) Knowledge and wisdom makes (A)/an individual (B)/truly complete (C)/and self –assured (D)/No error (E)

9)One of the boys(A)/who always give (B)/the correct answer is (C)/Samuel (D)/No error (E)

10) It is high time (A)/we renovate (B) our old (C)/house. (D)/No error (E)

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Spotting English Error Correction practice Questions-Set 47: Ans.

1. C) Here, infinitive i.e to solve any problem …..should be used.Infinitive = to + main verb
2. A) Here, Past continuous i.e, A businessman was standing (Active voice …..)should be used
3. D) For more than two person, one another i.e at one another in amazement …..should be used.
4. C) and directed them to treat ….should be used
Lenders is a plural subject.
5. D) Keep up = increase
Hence, keep up GDP growth/keep GDP growth high should be used here.
6. B) Successfully strengthened access…. Should be used here …
Structure of the present perfect
7. B)
Remove ‘of’ after ‘comprises’ in the sentence
8. C) Use ‘make’ (singular verb)
9. B) Use ‘gives’ in the sentence
10. B) Use ‘We should renovate’ or ‘We renovated’ in the sentence.

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