Arithmetic Questions Asked in IBPS Clerk Main Exam 2017

Dear Friend, Arithmetic Questions Asked in IBPS Clerk Main Exam 2017 was given here which is based on memory. It is important for your forthcoming exam.

Banking Math- Arithmetic Questions Asked in IBPS Clerk Main Exam 2017 (21/01/2018) with solutions.

1)12 men can do a work in x days .20 women can do the same work in (x-1) days. 15 men can do the work in y days while 30 women can do it (y-2) days. Find the value of x.
A) 8
B) 10
C) 12
D) 15
E) 16

2) A shopkeeper buys two items A and B. The respective ratio of the cost price of A and B is 3:2. He marks both the items 40 % above their cost price. He sells them after giving a discount of Rs 140 on each item and earns an overall profit of 12 %. What is the cost price of item A?
A) 1200
B) 900
C) 750
D) 600
E) 450

3) A committee of 5 persons is to be formed from amongst 5 teachers and 3 students. What is the probability that the teachers will be in majority in the committee?
A) 2/7
B) 31/56
C) 45/56
D) 23/28
E) 5/28

4) A train crosses a 170 metres long platform and a man running in the same direction at 20 km/hr in 5 seconds. What is the speed of the train?
A) 54
B) 62
C) 64
D) 70
E) 72

5) A & B together started a business with investments of Rs 24000 and 30000 respectively. After x months, C joined them with an investment of Rs 36000. However, B quit the business X months before the end of the year. If at the end of the year the respective ratio of profit shares of A, B and C was 16:15:18 respectively, then what is the value of X?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
E) 5

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6) A’s present age is 5/3 times her age 8 years ago. B’s present age is 4/5th that of A. What is the respective ratio of ages of A and B after 12 years.
A) 6:5
B) 5:4
C) 7: 6
D) 7:5
E) 8:7

7) A person invested Rs 28000 at the rate of 8 % per annum simple interest and Rs 26000 at the rate of 10 % per annum compounded interest compounded annually. What is the difference in the interest earned from two investments at the end of 3 years?
A) Rs 3310
B) Rs 2418
C) Rs 1886
D) Rs 1284
E) Rs 960

8) A and B are two ores of iron which are mixed in the ratio 9: 14. Ore A consists of iron and tin having a respective ratio of 2:1. Ore B consists of iron and zinc with a respective ratio of 5:2. The quantity of zinc is what per cent less than the quantity of iron in the resulting mixture?
A) 20 %
B) 25 %
C) 50 %
D) 75%
E) 80 %

9) Two cars 30 km apart were travelling towards each other at speeds 50 km/hr and 40 km/hr respectively. How far other 4 minutes before the collision? (In km)
A) 6
B) 9/2
C) 3
D) 3/2
E) 1/2
10) The total surface area and curved surface area of a right circular cone are 3300 sq cm and 1914 square cm respectively. What is the volume of a cone (In cubic cm)
A) 9560
B) 9240
C) 8500
D) 8480
E) 8421

11) In the two alloys A & B of copper and zinc, their respective ratio are 7:5 and 7:2. In what ratio should A & B be mixed so that the resulting alloy has copper to zinc ratio 11: 7?
A) 5: 3
B) 5:4
C) 4: 1
D) 3:2
E) 6:1

12) A group of 30 men, working 6 hours a day can do a work in 25 days. In how many days can another group of 45 men, working 8 hours a day to four times the work, assuming that the work done by 2 men of the first group of 5 hours equals that done by 3 men of the second group in 2 hours?
A) 30
B) 28
C) 25
D) 24
E) 20

13) The time taken by a boat to cover 160 km downstream is equal to the time taken to cover 140 km upstream. The speed of the current is what per cent of the speed of the boat in still water?
A) 9/2 %
B) 5 %
C) 20/3 %
D) 8%
E) 40/3 %

14) Train a crosses a pole in 18 seconds. Another train B running at speed of 25 % more than that of train A crosses the platform in 24 seconds. What is the ratio of the length of the train to that of the platform?
A) 3:1
B) 2:1
C) 3:2
D) 2:3
E) 4:3

15) Pipes A and B together can fill a tank in 15 hour. If pipe A is closed after 10 hours, the Tank gets filled in 22 hours. In how much time can pipe B alone fill the empty tank? (In hours)
A) 28
B) 30
C) 32
D) 36
E) 40


Arithmetic Questions Asked in IBPS Clerk Main Exam 2017: Answer

1. B)
2. D)
3. D)
4. C)
5. C)
6. E)
7. C)
8. D)
9. A)
10. B)
11. E)
12. A)
13. C)
14. C)
15. D)


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