Miscellaneous Quantitative Aptitude Arithmetic Questions-Set 45

Dear Reader, Miscellaneous Quantitative Aptitude Arithmetic Questions-Set 45 was given here. You can use this for the forthcoming examination.

1) A man sold articles –A (at a profit of 40% ) & B (at a loss of 20 %). He incurred a total profit of Rs 18 in the whole deal. If article A costs Rs 140 less than article B, what is the price of article B?
A) 380
B) 280
C) 340
D) 375
E) 370

2) B is eighteen years older than A. The respective ratio of B’s age six years hence & C’s present age is 3:2. If a present C’s age is twice the age of A, what was B’s age four years ago?
A) 24
B) 18
C) 28
D) 26
E) 16

3)Time taken by A alone to finish a piece of work is 60 % more than that taken by A & B together to finish the same piece of work .C is twice as efficient as B. If B & C together can complete the same piece of work in 40/3 days, in how many days can A alone finish the same piece of work?
A) 36
B) 24
C) 16
D) 28
E) 30

4) A jar contains the mixture of milk & water in the respective ratio of 3:1. 1/25th of the mixture is taken out and 24-litre water was added to it. If the resultant ratio between milk and water in the jar was 2:1, what was the initial quantity of mixture in the jar?
A) 160
B) 180
C) 200
D) 250
E) None of these

5) If the length of a rectangle is increased by 15 % and the breadth is decreased by 12 %. what is the percentage change in the area of the rectangle?
A) 2.4 % decrease
B) 1.2 % increase
C) 1.8 % decrease
D) 1.2 % decrease
E) 1.8 % decrease.

6) Mr Amit had a sum of money which he decided to be distributed among his wife, his only son and only daughter. He gave 25 % of the total money to his wife and the remaining amount he distributed in the respective ratio of 2 : 3 between his son and daughter. If his daughter got Rs 24,300. How much money did Mr Amit have initially (in Rs)?
A) 54000
B) 64000
C) 48000
D) 40000
E) 60000

7) Rs 6100 was partly invested in scheme A at 10 % pa compound interest (compounded annually) for 2 years and partly in scheme B at 10 % pa simple interest for 4 years. Both the schemes give equal interests. How much was invested in scheme A? (In Rs)
A) 3750
B) 4500
C) 4000
D) 3250
E) 5000

8) A sum of money was invested for ‘T” years in Scheme A offering simple interest. The amount received after “ T” years was twice the sum of money invested in the scheme. What will be the amount received for scheme A. when a sum of Rs 5450 is invested for “2T” years
A) Rs 16290
B) Rs 15500
C) Rs 15050
D) Rs 16350
E) Rs 16500

9) A, B and C started a business with investments in the respective ratio of 2:3:4 At the end of 6 months from the start of the business, A, B & C invested additional amounts, after which their final investments were in the respective ratio of 3:2:1. If the ratio between B’s and C’s share in annual profit was 8: 9 and their difference between A’s and B’s share in annual profit was Rs 200, what was the annual profit?
A) Rs 4800
B) Rs 5000
C) Rs 6000
D) Rs 2000
E) Rs 8000

10) Ravi invested Rs P in a scheme A offering simple interest at 10 % pa for two years. He invested the whole amount he received from scheme A in another scheme B offering simple interest at 12 % pa for five years. If the difference between the interest earned from scheme A & B Was Rs 1300, what is the value of P?
a)Rs 2500 b)Rs 2000 c) Rs 3000 d)Rs 2800 e) Rs 4500

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1. E) Tricks –check the option
Let cost price of article B be Rs X
Cost of article A = Rs (X-140)
According to the question
18 *100=40(X-140) -20x
X= 370

2. D)
A’s present age = X years
B’s present age = (X+18) years
C’s present age =2X years
According to the question
(X+18+6)/2X= 3/2
So B’s present age =30
B’s age 4 years ago= 26 years

3. B)
Let time taken by C = X days
So time is  taken by B be 2X days
According to the question
B=40 days
Let A alone can finish the work in Y days
According to questions,
Y= {(40*Y)/(40+Y) } * 160/100
Y=24 days

4. C) Tricks option
Ans must be dived by (3+1)=4
So 250 is possible
Let the ans. 200 So milk was 150 water was 50
After 1/25 was taken out milk will withdraw 6 litres and water will withdraw 2lt
So new milk will be 144. water will be 50-2+24=72
So they are 2:1 satisfy the ratio.
So. an. will be 200

5. B)
15-12-(15*12)/100 = 1.2 %

6. A)
Initial amount with Mr Amit = Rs X
Amount given to on and daughter = Rs 3x/4
Son : daughter = 2: 3
Daughter’s share = (3/5 * 3x/4)=9x/20

7. C)

8. D)
According to first condition
Rate =100/T
According to second condition
Time =2T years
So SI * 100= 5450 *100/T * 2T
SI= 10900
Amount =10900+5450= 16350

9. A)4800

10.A) Suppose Ravi invested Rs 100 in scheme A , then
Investment 100 120 (=100 +20)
Interest 120 72(12*5=60%)
According to the question 52 = Rs 1300
∴P=100= (1300 *100)/52=Rs 2500

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